Psyche Moon Bath Sammy

Psyche Moon Bath Sammy

Our Psyche Moon Bath Sammies have arrived and they’re simply to die for! 🤤🛁

So much sweetness, sinning is a given! Bright and uplifting notes of sugared pomegranates will take you away in your tub!

Each is loaded with cocoa, Shea and cranberry butters plus rice bran and avocado oils to nourish your skin. The whipped middle is pink grapefruit bubble bar that can be crumbled to make a frothy and luxurious bubble bath while the sandwich sides fizz and foam.

Get these while you can. Remember we don’t always bring back all the scents since we constantly create new ones.

We also offer local pick up for Orlando customers.

Eco friendly glitter tops it off! These emulsify with your bath water and won’t leave a nasty oil ring in your 🛀🏼.

each bath bomb weighs 8oz. Made with coconut milk, coconut oil, rice bran and avocado oil and some Shea, cocoa and cranberry butter. These will NOT leave a ring of oil in your tub and they will color your water. Can be used whole or crumbled to your liking. Aluminum free baking soda used.