Sweet Rose Jam Soapsicle

Sweet Rose Jam Soapsicle

Because who doesn’t like popsicles? And what’s better than popsicles? Soapcicles duh. 😏

Our Sweet Rose jam soapsicles are here! They have some poppy seeds for light exfoliation and smell divine! This fabulously delicate and silky concoction of creamy coconut cream, juicy berries, sweet apples and whispers of rose petals dance among fresh figs, smooth cashmere, and spun sugar nuances. Sweet, fruity, flirtatious with a delicate note of rose.

Plus our soapsicles are loaded with rice bran and avocado oil to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin along with Shea butter. What’s not to love?

each soapsicle weighs 6oz of soapy goodness.